Andy Bokanev’s Cyclocross Photo Zine

If you have been following North American cyclocross, you are probably familiar with the photography of Andy Bokanev who is based out of the Seattle area. Through his unique and creative composition, Bokanev successfully captures the essence of cyclocross.  The images shy away from the typical race footage and delve deeper into the culture that surrounds it. By capturing just as much of what happens before and after a race as during it, the photos offer a more complete view on cycling. His tight shots offer a perspective that riders can truly appreciate – a muddy hand clutching the post on a tight corner and a silhouette illuminated by warm breath on a cold day.

He has compiled a collection of photos showcasing the 2014-2015 American cyclocross season, featuring races from Cross Vegas, Gloucester, Louisville, Iowa City, Waves 4 Water in Tacoma, and Nationals in Austin into a 45 page photo zine. The selected images visually tell the story of a long and varied season. Dusty hot races that dominated the early fall give way to snowy and muddy races as the season progresses. The photos alone are capable of conveying the anguish, sweat, and determination that goes into racing without any printed words. The photos are beautiful and each time I flip through it I find myself wanting to get out and race.

If any of your friends ask “what’s cyclocross?”, hand them a copy  and they just might start to understand this deep obsession of yours.

The cover of the photo zine
The cover of the photo zine

If you are a fan of cycling photography, or just of great photography in general, do yourself a favour and order a copy of the zine

You can read more about Andy Bokanev here:

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