Fastest Lap – Castle Cross

There was some great racing this past weekend at Castle Cross in Port Coquitlam. Escape Velocity servedĀ up a challenging course that pushed everyone to their limit. Based on the official results, here’s who was putting down the fastest laps of the day:

Note: It was pointed out that the results for the first and last race of the day may not take the start delay between categories into account resulting in slower recorded first laps for some categories. Without knowing the time delay between starts, I can only rely on what the results list as the fastestĀ lap times.

CategoryRiderLap TimeLap #Finish
U13 WomenKatrin Rytirova10:312/31st
U13 MenManu Moore8:172/41st
U15 WomenKate Matson9:032/31st
U15 MenNathan Bishop7:254/41st
U19 MenVon Winkelmann7:231/61st
U17 WomenErin Usher9:052/41st
Beginner WomenJennifer Mcconkey9:101/31st
Beginner MenRussell Stead7:531/44th
Intermediate WomenMelanie Gabbana8:092/41st
Intermediate MenKyle Skully6:581/63rd
Elite WomenMorgan Cabot7:521/51st
Elite MenKevin Calhoun6:261/91st
Masters WomenAnna Pettersen8:184/41st
Masters MenMatthew Drown7:121/61st
SinglespeedLucas Gallagher7:172/52nd
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