Fastest Lap – Pumpkin Cross 2015

It was a total mudfest at pumpkin cross this year and having a fast lap was a tough feat. By the end of the day the heavy rains had turned the entire course into a soupy mess making it hard to keep up a good pace. Here are the the riders that had what it took to record the fastest lap in their category. Taken from the official results:

CategoryRiderLap TimeLap #Finish
U11 WomenKatrin Rytirova10:231/31st
U13 WomenGeza Rodgers10:271/31st
U13 MenManu Moore7:461/41st
U15 WomenKate Matson8:071/31st
U15 MenCody Scott7:031/41st
U17 WomenEmily Johnston8:171/51st
U17 MenQuinn Storey7:251/61st
U19 WomenJulia Long9:191/51st
U19 MenEvan Mant7:191/61st
Beginner WomenTrisha Rodgers8:113/31st
Beginner MenBen Smith7:051/44th
Intermediate WomenMelanie Gabbana8:121/51st
Intermediate MenJacob Rodgers7:201/67th
Elite WomenSandra Walter7:051/61st
Elite Men

Kevin Calhoun

Benjamin Chaddock



Masters WomenAlyssa Myshok9:251/51st
Masters MenAndreas Hestler6:486/61st
SinglespeedRichard Machhein7:283/51st
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  1. Owen said:

    Two “fastest lap” pages, no race reports, no photo galleries. What the hell man! Are you ok? You have nine months of non cross space to fill after cross….I need something to take my mind off of work…while I am work haha!

    November 3, 2015
    • Brett Brett said:

      Patience..patience…it all takes time haha. Just for you, I posted a new race report/gallery today for Pumpkin Cross

      November 4, 2015
  2. Owen said:

    You are back on my xmas card list 🙂

    November 4, 2015

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