The Holeshot is Live

A couple years ago I bought a cyclocross bike for the sole purpose of commuting.  Sick of getting constantly passed by road bikes while I struggled away on my mountain bike, I wanted an upgrade.  Because it’s always about the bike, right? After shopping around, a CX bike seemed like a great choice.  I barely knew anything about the sport, and all descriptions of it sounded a bit weird.  Riding a bike around in circles on a muddy course in freezing, rainy, muddy conditions occasionally jumping off the bike to run over little barriers?  Weird.

pumpkin_crossA friend convinced me that since I already had the bike, I might as well try a race.  To ease myself into it, I chose the race that seemed the least intimidating:  Pumpkin Cross, a Halloween costume themed race put on by Local Ride .  Dressed as a cheerleader, I lined up with about 40 other costume clad riders and awaited the start.  The gun went, I hammered down on my pedals and didn’t look back.  My legs ached, my lungs burned, and I wasn’t sure how I would make it through the entire race.   The race had it all.  Barriers, run ups, a sand pit, people dressed as bacon.  I crossed the finish barely able to stand and the only thing I could think of was:  I have to do that again.

After that race I became a bit of a CX junkie, racing every possible race on the calendar.  I was excited to find that if you are willing, there is a race on any given weekend in the fall.  There are excellent race series in BC and Washington, both filled with friendly and amazing people that make the CX community so inviting.  With this website I hope to help contribute to that community, bringing race info and recaps for all the races I can make it out to.

See you in the mud.


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