Weekend Preview – Nov 12/13

Weekend Preview has been off the air for a couple of weeks, but we are back! Hard to believe that it’s already mid November and the cross season is starting to wind down. It aint over yet though and there are still a few weekends left full of cyclocross. This weekend brings the potential for a double header with two great races. VCXC has their penultimate race in Aldergrove on Saturday while on Sunday MFG is wrapping up their series with the always popular Woodland Park.

Aldergrove CX – Saturday Nov 12

It’s the return of Aldergrove CX on Saturday. This is a tough one with a fair bit of elevation changes in the park, but VCXC have put together a brand spanking new course layout this year. Last year the mud factor was cranked up to 11 with deep sloppy sections that forced everyone off the bike. Will it be like that this year? Probably not quite that bad, but there is rain in the forecast for Friday and Saturday, so anything could happen. For all the info: http://vcxc.ca/aldergrove-cx/



Want to see how muddy things got last year? Check out Hung Mai’s gallery


Check things out from the 2014 race:

And here’s my race report from the 2014 race: http://theholeshot.ca///aldergrove-cyclocross-race-report-2014/


Woodland Park – Sunday Nov 13

Sunday brings the MFG finale at Woodland park in Seattle. This has got to be one of my all time favourite races and if you are able to make the journey down, it’s definitely worthwhile.  The course is fun and flowy and attendance is huge. Massive turnout in every category. Here’s a description of the course from the MFG site:

“A high speed hilly loop through Woodland Park in central Seattle. From the slightly uphill paved start to the gravel climb on the backside, this loop will keep you breathing hard. Pick your lines right to keep your momentum because this is another course that demands a lot of muscle.”

All the info: http://www.mfgcyclocross.com/events/2016-series-6/

I made it down for the 2014 race. Check the race report and gallery from last year for my take on the event

And here’s a great video from the 2012 race


There you have it. Lots going on this weekend. Get out and race!

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