Weekend Preview – Oct 22/23

So we are hovering around the half way point of the season. That may sound slightly depressing, but don’t worry. Still lots of racing left. Those sunny, hot races may be a thing of the past as we get into the gritty fall cyclocross weather and this weekend should offer up a good serving of mud. Plenty of races going on this weekend, with the opportunity to make it a double header.

Woolley Cross – Sat Oct 22 – Sedro Woolley, WA

Cascade Cross is back at it with the second race in their series with the classic Woolley Cross. This course is a lot of fun. It has also been the scene of some pretty epic mud. Will it have more of that this year? You better sign up to find out. Here’s a bit more from the race site:

The course we lay up for you at Northern State is now a staple in the healthy, balanced dirt diet of any good PNW cyclocrosser. This is considered by many to be a classic course of the north. Epic conditions during its appearance in the Seattle CX series some years ago stamped the site firmly into the minds of many mud aficionados, and it has come through for the Cascade Cross Series ever since. We can count on plenty of fun & challenges again this year!

The race is on a 2 mile course; 10′ wide on rolling grass & gravel with runups and barriers. Skagit County Parks maintains the Northern State Recreation Area trails for middle & high school cross country meets and frisbee golf. It looks smooth and fast, but wet conditions will quickly bog you down and have you wishing for an easier gear.

This is part of the old Northern State (mental) Hospital, which is a pretty appropriate vibe for cyclocross racing! Registration will be under the group shelter in the center of the course.

Having raced the course myself, I can say it’s definitely worth the trip down. Cascade Cross always puts on a great event and it makes for the perfect start to a double header weekend.

Here’s some dash cam footage of the 2015 race:

More info here: http://cascadecross.com/races/woolley-cross

Farmer Bill’s – Sun Oct 23 – Port Alberni

Back on the calendar for Cross on the Rock is Farmer Bill’s. Mud aficionados won’t want to miss this one. There has been a lot of heavy rain on the island this past week, and this weekend looks no different, so mud should be guaranteed. Also cow poop, so keep your mouth closed. From COTR:

It’s time to spend a day at the farm! We are back at Farmer Bill’s so get out your tractor tires, safety goggles and lube yourselves up so the cow poo don’t stick – YEEHAW! This 3.2 km course is filled with deep, bumpy wet grass, piles of bear ‘apple sauce’, twists, turns, off-camber descents, a haunted barn roll through, electric fences and possible run ins with lonely bulls!

For all the info:  http://www.crossontherock.com/races/farmer-bills-cattle-xing/

Just look at all that muck:


Valley Cross –  Oct 23 – Cultus Lake

Valley Cross is hosting the first of their 2 races this Sunday at Cultus Lake. It’s part of the BC Premier Cyclocross series and may be the only cross race around to feature a fat bike category.  From the organizers:

Why cyclocross racing? Plain and simple: it’s a ton of fun! Races are short – less than an hour – with riders navigating sometimes muddy terrain, slippery off-camber grass sections, jumping barriers and pushing themselves just hard enough to keep a smile on their face. If not racing, Pro riders can compete on any bike they might have in their shed – CX bike, mountain bike, fat bike or even that $300 Frankenbike – it doesn’t matter. Bring it on!

Did we mention fun? Cyclocross races thrive on inclement weather conditions; the wetter, the muddier, the better! And talk about spectator-friendly, you can easily watch most of the race from one vantage point thanks to the tight course layout and varying terrain. With various “hand-ups” on course shenanigans, cheering or heckling and loads of cow bell, you can’t help but get swept up in the cyclocross experience!

Check out the website for all the info: http://valleycross.ca/

It looks like a great event, and check out those trophies for the winners!



Revelstoke Cedar Shaker – Oct 23


Interior Cross is hosting the Revelstoke Cedar Shaker at the Revelstoke Mountain. Check out the website for more info: http://www.cedarshaker.com/


There you go. So much racing going on. Get out there and get muddy.


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